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When Landon, our son, was seven months old, he developed MRSA staph, which resulted in a major surgery to remove the majority of one side of his butt. After surgery, we were told he’d develop eczema and to always wash him with Hibiclens (surgical scrub). <— it has no lather or smell and you want your babies to smell good! Plus, it wasn’t cheap!

A couple years of research passed and I begged Bryant to let me buy goats so I could make soap for him and see if his skin could tolerate it. We bought our first goats almost seven years ago and that’s just what I did!

Not only could he use my soap without causing him breakouts, but he could use my lotion and has used every single thing I’ve made that he can use since!

This is the reason I started. Did I ever dream I’d be a goat farmer/soap maker?! Heck no! I left my job as a bank manager to make soap for a living, but I love every minute of it!! Hearing stories of things I’ve made helping someone makes it all worth it! I make everything that I can as natural as possible. Everything I make is paraben and phthalate free (chemical free). If my kids can’t use it, I don’t want any part of it.

From what started as soap to now all of this and more; I’m so excited to keep expanding our line of products Main Street Soapery! So welcome to all of our new friends and customers and for thank you for helping grow our small business!


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Our Story


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