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I’ve never written a blog before but it feels as good as ever to start...

Although this weekend was not busy product wise, we did get a few things crossed off the list around the farm.

See, everything started in 2011 around our little farm. The goats started it all. Many don’t realize that in addition to my three kids, we maintain a herd of generally 15-20 goats and one sheep.

Yesterday, we were able to sell off some kids from December as well as our buck and in the process acquired another ewe. We’re looking this year to expand both our sheep and goat herds for more milk production, as well as meat and wool.

We purchased another stock trailer yesterday, cleaned out the barn and will be going to look at a skid steer tomorrow. We’re also selling our big tractor that we’ve had for seven years. With not much time to garden these days, it will serve someone else good use and give us more space. Lastly, we secured what will be our new buck for the next upcoming few years. I’m milking four goats now and have one left to kid. Everything is definitely a process though. We will be concentrating on our breeding program to maximize the milk production for product making. we love our goats and sheep and love this time of year, even if it’s means sitting outside in the wee hours of the morning waiting on kids to drop. It’s all worth it!!

Stay tuned for more next month when hopefully this cold weather breaks...

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